Snake Kiss

Julia and I had shot last year, did some portraits for my Adorned series. We worked well together and really got some great images. Julia is a truly creative flamboyant soul, a performer at heart and with the skill and flair to make her own clothing and accessories. A porttrait photographger's dream - as long as you can work fast :)

So this time she'd arranged for us to shoot in the dance studios where she teaches dancing and performing. Sky Sirens is the only studio that combines Burlesque, Pole Dance & Aerial Artistry in the heart of Sydney.

Initially we were going to shoot some fire as Julia performs with it but the light was just too bright and the flames didn't really show up too well. So we started with a lovely vintage couch and outfit to match. I got up on a ladder and shot downwards, trying hard to not fall off - as soon as you look through a camera your balance tends to turn to shit.

So Julia's got a snake too, a Queensland Python called Beaitrix. So we got her out of her mobile home and let her do her thing. This is tricky, shooting a snake. Snakes don't stay still and they don't know English. But, I did manage to get a snake kiss - that was a bonus, a split second where Beatrix forker her tongue out on Julia's face. So sweet.

Second last set was some nudey stuff with feathers. I'd spied a lovely spot early on so we shot there - just a nice old chair against the sweetest pastel vintage wall paper - really cool colours. Julia did her thing, and I love a couple of these ones.

Last set - have to always shoot some film portraits - so this time colour film in the amazing purple hallway with the thin skylights. This stood out to me when I first walked into the building to meet Julia at the start of the shoot. I had asked her to bring an awesome sheer black body suit I'd seen in her port. She wore this thing with such style - really awesome look.

I love working with Julia - keeps me on my game, there's no time to stuff about, just have to get it right first time pretty much and keep moving.

A more complete set of images coming soon in the new 'Stories' section of the website.