New Territories - Taliah / by Mike Stacey

Taliah and Colin Bates did a couple of very productive shoots together lately and he'd invited me to come along - so after Colin's shoots, Taliah and I shot for a quick 30 minutes each time. Check out Colin's Flickr to see the shots they did together.

Taliah is so cool to work with, so easy going and nice to shoot. We did some portraits - Vogue style with my fave lighting, some nudes on the couch in similar lighting and also some more expressive work, which was new to Taliah.

This is always a test for a model, and a photographer - where they are working outside of their usual workflow and extending themselves into new areas. It worked just great, we just played it by ear and saw where it took us, ending up with some specific movements which I captured mid-flight.

Full set of images coming soon to the new 'Stories' section.