Smart Cookie

Flavia and I made contact via Instagram and decided to hook up for a shoot. I'd seen work she'd done with Duncan Turnipagenda and loved it.  Duncan shoots a lot of film, his style is fluid and free and Flavia gelled with that perfectly, which you can see in the images. Her expressions are true, emotions direct and she's great fun - all perfect for the type of photography I do. Being Italian, helps with some of these aspects I reckon.

I found a great space to shoot - at Chippendale, except that it was in the middle of a heatwave and the place has no air-conditioning, and it's on the top floor! It had a big industrial fan however, which was handy not just for the cooling effect. This was a great shoot, we had some fun and got some killer images. Flavia is also a photographer (and an Engineer), so she understands what's gong on from both sides of the camera. She has a strong interest in film too, especially vintage film cameras.

There really are so many great images from this shoot - they'll appear here and on social media over time.

We now have a host of shoot ideas and other stuff in the pipeline for the coming months so I'm looking forward to creating more stuff with Flavia. Stay tuned for:

  • A video taped BTS shoot with Flavia - this will be shot by Dan Hostettler, who is also interviewing me at the same time. Dan will also do a separate interview with Flavia at the same time.
  • A fully styled fashion shoot in an amazing location!