Insta Freedom / by Mike Stacey

Here's the story:

The Instagram corporation's response:

So after the Instagram corporation has removed your account for exposing their discriminatory behaviour, you can appeal:

"I did an experiment. 
Your censorship policies discriminate against women and need to be upgraded to reflect the year 2017. I posted one male nude uncensored. It remained visible for 20 hours. I posted 3 female nudes in that time, in succession and each was removed within an hour. This was an experiment. I did not post this content for any reason other to test the guidelines that you as a ‘responsible’ body enforce on the public whom you profit from. Your responsibility is to be fair - and you failed. I call on you to explain your bias to me and the public now. This case is now public, right across your other corporate entity - Facebook. 

Discrimination based on gender isn’t too cool in 2017. I have evidence based on my little experiment, that you have applied your ‘rules’ and policies in such a way as to discriminate directly against women. Read my last dispute for the details. My business is also going to suffer and I know you aren’t liable but this isn’t the end of this sad little story. Your other corporation Facebook is a perfect place to engage the public in this discussion and that has already been initiated. Many, many comments agreeing on your blatant discriminatory behaviour, it’s actually indisputable. The case will be progressed following the Facebook dialogue.

As a friend of mine once said as he was signing off from his role as a publisher and writer of a small cult magazine - "Goodbye, farewell and get fucked".

Seriously though, moving on...

This weekend, two shoots and two different male subjects. Next week a female model Tuesday and the following weekend a male and a female. Images from these shoots won't appear on Instagram - of course :)

So here's an image from a couple months ago - Sophie Moyle: