Shannen (Part II)

This is Part II of this shoot story, Part I is here.

Shan is a fine art model - we'd shot plenty of portraits so I asked her if there was anything specific she wanted to shoot for her portfolio. She was keen on some dynamic figure poses so we did that in front of the backlit window. I was as far back as I could go against the wall with a 50mm lens and I could only just get the whole of her five foot eleven form into the frame. Some of these poses are really beautiful and the stills show you only a second or less at the top of the pose - which was stationary - before she came down again.

Before we moved away from the backlit idea, we shot some nude portraits on the floor.

Some of GIAN's headpieces featured too.

Second last - a really quick set of portraits lit with my fave lighting and slightly styled by Gian.

Lastly, the red couch, which had been dragged out of storage for the girl with the red hair. The effect of Shan's hair on the red couch was stunning, even though I shot some with B&W film.

There's a lot of variation in this shoot, which is pretty common when I first work with a model - I look forward to working again with Shannen and would recommend her highly to other photographers. She's super easy to work with and has boundless energy! She can be found on Instagram here: