Red Velvet

Trying hard to catch up my posts here with my actual shoot schedule!.

This was my second shoot with Loz, the first being October 2016. There's a blog post about it here.

We'd decided to shoot at the last minute. Loz had a few loose ideas she sent through the night before so next morning I set about creating something in the way of lighting and props that might do the job. She was life modelling for a local Blue Mountains arts group so I picked her up when she finished at 1PM. I'd created a 'set', if you could call it that, which consisted of a red couch, a red lamp and lighting which could be either 100% natural light controlled with curtains and V-flats or purely strobe modelling light flagged off with two V-flats. This was enough to create something interesting but it didn't give Loz much room to do her thing. She likes to move, and move continuously. She can pose statically of course, but I like to go with what feels best in a creative sense for the model and after our last shoot, which involved shooting completely dynamically (me moving and Loz moving), then that was the way to go.

We're both really happy with the results. I love working with Loz for a number of reasons but one of them is that she challenges me, challenges me to step outside my usual workflow, and it has always resulted in something great.

Red Velvet 

And Some Others

And of course, I ALWAYS shoot some portraits.