Troppo (Part III) / by Mike Stacey

This is Part 3 of a 3 part story. Part I is here and Part II is here.

After the farmer's wife shoot in my Bro's place at Kuranda, we jumped in the car and headed down to the coast road, turned left and headed North on that famed piece of road between Cairns and Port Douglas.

This road tracks right along the edge of the coast past so many beautiful beaches. It's particularly special because in some places the mountains rise almost straight up from behind the beach and some of those have cloud hanging over their summits as they're quite high. So spectacular.

I'd scoped a spot a few days previously with Bro and Sandy - Pebbly Beach, yep it's got pebbles on it. So we went there. It was about 4pm I think and we just strolled along the beach to the South, me shooting and Ros just doing her thing, looking for shells and stuff.

These shots were very natural, pretty much unposed. Ros was pretty game walking around in the water, being stinger season and all. Oh, but there was a container of Vinegar back near the car so everything would be fine.

On the way strolling back to the car with the tropical sun setting behind some huge coastal mountain, I had one of those moments that don't come around too often.

When everything lines up and time seems to stop and you just feel like something's happening but you don't know what - until you realise that you're living, wholeheartedly within that moment - and at this time you don't want anything else, don't need anything more, it's all there in THIS moment, now. It's like all traces of past have gone and future also is unimportant.

This sounds wankish but I've had these little moments before and it's quite overwhelming when it happens - and quite sudden. I didn't know if Ros was having the same thing going on, she probably wasn't at all - but all I remember being able to say was:

"Man, this is fucking paradise". All she said in response was "Yeah, I know".