Troppo (Part II)

This is Part II of this three part story, Part I is here:

This story is around the second day of shooting where we shot at my Bro's house in the forest outside Kuranda.

He and his lovely partner Sandy had gone OS leaving me the house to myself. Ros and I had spent an afternoon shooting two days prior - all the usual art nude stuff in forests etc. This would be different.

I sent Ros some snaps of the inside of the house and said bring whatever you reckon. She's a self-confessed lingerie and vintage hoarder so I was confident she'd come up with something.
She brought a bunch of stuff including this beautiful vintage dress. So then the story was based around some kind of farmer's wife thing, at home during the day, drinking Gin apparently and amusing herself during the quiet hours of the day.

This kind of modelling role was not what Ros normally does and I reckon she pulled it off just beautifully. She even wants the video played at her funeral :)

It was challenging to come up with a particular edit for this set of images. I had many options, and there were many ways I could have taken them. To make the post production easier, I often use music - it allows me to connect at a deeper level with the photographs, and what the photographs might be saying. The music that worked, as I was editing, was this beautiful piano piece by Alicia Sevilla; it's called "Abedul". Hope you enjoy. Best watch it full screen at 1080p. 


Blog posts coming up:

  • Emotional depth in portraiture 
  • Shoot updates
    • Ros (Troppo Part III): The last set from two half days of shooting with Roz. We drove down to the coast and then North along the coast road from Cairns to Pt. Douglas finding a beautiful beach - absolute paradise. 
    • Loz Lightyear: I love it when I'm challenged to create something quickly. This was an impromptu shoot and I had to come up with something with little time to spare - as did Loz so we both improvised and created something really special.
    • Sensual Portrait/Lighting Workshop: featuring model Ama and some awesome images from Colin Bates.
    • Anne Duffy: This one is a real step up for me artistically. Usually artistic gains are slow and in very small steps, almost unnoticeable, but every now and then you strike a chord and bells ring. Stay tuned for this set of images and some video which I've been wanting to shoot with Anne for quite some time.