Adorned Exhibit

When Bianca Wolff, friend, artistic collaborator and muse rang and said she had space booked at Gallery One88 in late August for an exhibition, and that there was a spare room there if I wanted it, I initially said "mmm sounds interesting, I'll think about it".

About a month later I was out riding my bike and suddenly there was no doubt about it, why did I even deliberate? (Probably because of the expense!). I pulled over, ripped out my earphones, rang Bianca and said, "let's do it!"

So a few weeks of scanning and editing I had a set of 22 print-ready files. Thanks for tolerating this frenzy of hibernation Gina. Another week of framing and everything was ready. It was amazing to see the 22 works printed and framed and hanging in the gallery - Victor Peralta did a wonderful job on the curating.

One of the highlights of the show was my bro' coming down out of the rainforests of North Queensland with the lovely Sandy, just to see it all.

One of the aspects of the portraits of Adorned is that I wanted the eyes to be the focus, intense, gazing, sometimes trance-like. With all of them hung in a row on the wall, and all those eyes staring out at me as I walked around the room it was kind of spooky, but good spooky. Kind of like amplifying the concept.

Next stop? A Sydney gallery for the Adorned series. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, the series continues. I have new variations coming to mind all the time and tried a couple of tentative ideas out last Friday with the lovely Taliah Campbell. Stay tuned for some previews... 10 rolls of 120 (B&W and colour) and some digitals - 5 or 6 different looks/set-ups. It was a busy 3 hours.

All of the following photos taken by Victor Peralta.

Gina, The Girl from the Garden and me in front of "The Girl from the Garden" - the stunning headpiece made from vines in the backyard by Gina - can't tell what is Bianca's hair and what is vine :) This was one of two that were shot on 8x10" film.

I had some videos playing too. Look there's Gina in one of them.

Chewing the fat with Chris Handel

Two sweet girls - Ama and Gina. Behind Ama is "Portrait of Ama".

Oh yea...

Carolyn, Len, Me, Gina, Sandy and bro David

Me, bro and Sandy