Previously Unreleased 3 / by Mike Stacey

This installment of Previously Unreleased features wonderful muse and actor Romi Muse.  Good thing about shooting film is that there are always some that I didn't initially scan for whatever reason. I always do a rough contact sheet scan and then pick the initial good ones to do 'proper' scans from. But inevitably, there are some left over that escaped my initial gaze. With digital they are all so obvious right from the time you upload to computer.

A dear friend recently bought two prints from this shoot. One of them was a smoking shot and she commented how much she could 'feel' the shot, in that she could almost smell and taste the cigarette and feel the smoke going down. Thing is, Romi doesn't smoke :) Testament to her ability to slip into a role and be so convincing in that role that the viewer can have a real experience from it.

So here's a couple of keepers that got away. There are actually quite a few more from this amazing shoot - and they'll be submitted somewhere for publication. Just a matter of finding a mag that appreciates a bit of grunge when most are pre-occupied with smooth glam plastic postcard-like tarted up guff :)

For the tech minds

These are all 35mm. There are two rolls of 35mm and 6 rolls of 120. Film is TRI-X and I processed it in the sink with my own special mix of toxic juices. Camera is a Nikon F100. I'll be providing any technical details required in some upcoming courses I'll be offering in the near future. Many other aspects of shooting can be covered also, as working with and directing models - in fact I think this is WAY more important than any technical or camera-based stuff.

Stay tuned, or flick me an email or message with what you would like to know or do - and I'll put together a custom course for you. I have over twenty years experience as a teacher, lecturer, instructional designer and learning consultant so I can guarantee a great learning experience where you will actually walk away having learned something!