Earth's Shadow

This little video I hope highlights the graceful and ethereal qualities of Sylph Sia's modelling abilities - captured on a cold and windy afternoon in the dunes. The combination of sand, wind, grasses, amazing winter light and of course Sylph's presence created a strong vibe in my mind that has taken a bit of time to mature and evolve and finally be dumped into the creation of this clip. Wonderful soundtrack by Laurie Anderson. 

I've been shooting actual video on most shoots lately. Finding it to be another vehicle to convey concepts that stills finds challenging but for the arts peoples out there - it's not like I'm going all literal. There are always mysteries in the mind of the viewer.

As usual, the video is available on the videos page on this site or over on youtube. Please set the resolution to at least 1080p.

Fur from @gian_designs