Guns and sequens / by Mike Stacey

A big studio day on Sunday. 9 hours and two models. I guess that's not over the top but it was all on my own except for Kerrie Jane Bailey on hair and makeup until lunchtime. Models were Nic Nyx and Julia Rose (Porcelain Alice).

Nic, Kerrie and I met at 8.30 at the studio - Sydney Props Specialists in Marrickville. This is one mind blowing place, you could find just about anything here plus they have 6 studios from full production TV studios to the natural light studio that I had hired for the day. I also hired some props from their vast collection; a white peacock, a cane Mortishs chair, a plinth and a Giraffe, yep a Giraffe.

I hadn't worked with Nic for about 2 years as she hasn't been modeling; I think I was her last shoot in August 2014. I knew her amazing face would work with the Adorned series, she takes a stunning portrait - sharp defined jawline and very beautiful eyes. It was so nice to shoot with her again and have a chat. The vibe was great and we got some excellent shots (still yet to process and scan all the film). Kerrie's work on Nic's hair was really amazing - a tricky job from all I'd been told when I was planning this look for Nic, but Kerrie pulled it off beautifully. Of course Kerrie's makeup was also perfect for the hard-lit B&W shots I wanted.

Nic Nyx

The afternoon was all Porcelain Alice (Julia Rose). I hadn't shot with Julia before but she was SO great to work with. We had a ball mixing and matching her truly stunning outfits through a number of different set ups involving the white peacock (Julia made this peacock work!), the cane chair, the chaise lounge and finally in the white cyclorama. Some of these pieces that she had were exquisite, hand made and full of shining sequens - a black and white film photographer's dream. Julia's a show-girl and performer so her fit with the Adorned series was pretty well spot on.

Julia Rose and well trained Peacock

For techy people

I shot about 15 sheets of 4x5 (TRI-X), rolls of TRI-X and one of Portra 400. Plenty of work to do now with the rest of the film processing and scanning. Also 60 or so digitals, mainly test shots - shooting tethered to the laptop.

These were lit with a single 1000W fresnel. I left the Elinchrom strobes at home, they just don't work with this stuff - they have a horrible plasticky glossy kind of look. What else? Nothing really, all pretty simple.