Answering questions with music and images / by Mike Stacey

I was recently asked a question to which I stumbled to answer in any kind of meaningful way. It was asked by Romi Muse as were driving to the shoot location. I can't remember the exact words but it was something like, "What are you looking for when you shoot?, What are you trying to capture?" I've been asked this before and have never been able to answer it properly. I guess Romi wanted to know because the answer would give her some information on know how to pose for the shots. 

Anyway, I've tried to put words to this but they always fail to capture the essence of the true answer. So I'm putting together some videos showing the work that I value most and that represents what I'm about with a camera. This is the first of those videos.

I hope the exquisite soundtrack and the images together convey the answer to Romi's question.

The video is better viewed at 1080p on youtube or on my videos page.