Adorned Preview / by Mike Stacey

This is a short video showing a few of the images in my ADORNED series. The whole lot will be exhibited in print at Gallery One 88 in August along with co-exhibitor Bianca Wolff - who appears in some of these images and has been a major collaborator in the creation of 'Adorned'. More about her work soon.

Either go fill screen or to see a better version, go to the videos page.

Thank you beautiful creatives, this is really for you:

GIAN    Stylist/Co-conspirator
BIANCA WOLFF       Artist/Model/Instigator/Inspirator
MELUXINE                Model of a thousand faces
ANNE DUFFY            Model/Collector of snakes, birds,  
                                     feathers and other organic elements
ZACARIAH                Model
BURTON YUEN         Hair and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire
T. PYRDOL                Music - "White Owl"