The Pipeline

I've had a whole heap of new followers this week so I just wanted to say WELCOME and THANK YOU for following my work - I hope my content makes you happy.

Lots happening at the moment - as in:


I will be exhibiting at Gallery One 88 in Katoomba during August - this show will feature prints from the ADORNED series - can't wait to see some of these in print! I will be co-exhibiting with friend and artist Bianca Wolff whose Tarot series of prints will be awesome to see.


which has been in the pipeline for ages will be released soon featuring my edgier work which was shot exclusively on film. It's called 'Vanilla Life'.  The first issue features Elena Filippi (ITA) and Ivy-Rose Raven


GIAN Styling has been working feverishly on a range of beautiful floral headpieces - the first few are now complete. Stay tuned for images of these coming soon., they will become part of my Adorned series and will also be used for our new portraiture business


The May issue of Dark Beauty magazine features a selection of 8 images from the ADORNED series. I think it comes out around the 15th or so


Another project with co-instigator Bianca Wolff, which is still under wraps but will be quite revealing! Stay tuned in.


  • Romi Muse - I've never worked with Romi and am looking forward to it very much. The concept is slowly evolving...
  • A crazy idea involving a seedy trashy hotel room, a female model and a male model and... well you'll have to wait, but it'll be a prime candidate for Vanilla LIfe magazine :)
  • A concept involving a large evil looking doberman...
  • More Adorned portraits, of course. The next few will probably be colour - film, maybe 8x10 film.  
  • We have some commercial portrait shoots coming up to for our new business, the marketing material and website is almost finished
  • More film-based portrait work 

Don't be a stranger, let me know what you think, what you like, what you don't like about the content I post.

I think that's all. Thanks again for following my work. I'll finish with a photograph of the wonderful Kedori...

Mike X

KEDORI at Sydney Photographic Studio