Modern Pre-Raphaelite

I had worked with Ivory Flame when she was around Sydney in December last year (also in Winter last year). She made the trip to the mountains and stayed with us after a full day's shooting in very hot conditions. This time we had some different ideas which we'd shoot indoors that included some beautiful flower creations by GIAN styling. This shoot was also to put some new lighting ideas into practice and after thinking about the concept, Ivory Flame was the obvious choice. The concept would play directly to her Pre-Raphaelite looks and abilities perfectly. 

After Gina had helped Ivory get ready and adorned her in some beautiful tulle wraps, we started shooting. The first few shots showed the lighting was perfect! So good when things work straight away! Ivory's moves and look fitted the lighting like a glove. We shot 4 different looks/sets, including some standard glamour portraits which will be used for our portraiture business.

The final set was something I thought of just before the shoot after seeing a big basket of beautiful flowers that Gina had collected for her head pieces. We had Ivory lay down in a bed of flowers and after organising the lighting I started shooting from a stool above her - trying hard not to fall! The soft and slightly blurred effect in the images was achieved in camera using another experimental technique which worked a treat!

All up a very successful shoot where all the experiments worked! Thanks so much to GIAN styling for the wonderful set design, which included all the backdrops we used on the day and also the floral arrangement on the floor for the final shots. She also made some lovely floral adornments for Ivory to wear on her head - those shots are coming later. And of course, Ivory Flame, her beauty and poise never fails to inspire me to create...