From concept to image

In this recent shoot, inspired by the artistic legacy of Marc Lagrange, I wanted a number of different looks. The styling and makeup was more important in this shoot than any other I've done. Why? Because most of the shots I wanted to do were portraits - no posing, just straight up portraits. To make a portrait interesting as a piece of artwork is much harder than shooting a posed model within some context such as an old building or out in nature etc. My test for such works is a question I ask myself: would anyone buy this and hang it on their wall?

So in the end we actually had too many accessories to choose from. GIAN has a large collection of lovely things such as masks, large ornate neckpieces etc. and so does Anne Duffy, our model for this shoot. We only ended up using a small selection but managed to create what I was after. One of the looks was a classy look involving a roll in the hair. I had an image of Marc's that provided the inspiration and then found one of Anne that to me looked very similar so I knew this look would work well. See below.

 By Marc Lagrange

By Marc Lagrange

 Anne Duffy by  Vicky Papas-Vergaga 2013

Anne Duffy by Vicky Papas-Vergaga 2013

The final images from this particular look were really excellent. I could tell Anne felt right at home in this role and managed some exquisite poses - as always her hands and fingers used to maximum effect for the images.

Anne Duffy shot on Kodak with the Pentax 67.

Check out the Videos page for a Behind the Scenes clip from this shoot.