Shannen (Part I)

This article is in two parts - this being part one.

I connected with Shannenelizabeth on Instagram a few months ago and agreed to shoot - we set a date early on and stuck to it, except for a slight change by me due to going to Queensland to see family.

Shannen made the trip to our place in the Blue Mountains from her place in the Northern suburbs. Both Gina and I were and always are very grateful when models do this. I'm travelling to shoots all the time, all over Sydney and beyond, so it's luxury when I can shoot in my own lounge room!

We had plenty of ideas going back and forth before the shoot but it turned out Shan had done some of them in the interim. So went with natural and slightly sensual film portraits to start with - I knew with pretty much 100% confidence that I could shoot some amazing portraits of Shan. Her connection with the camera was great and I'd shot a few rolls before I realised it. Gina had set up the bed with fresh new white sheets and some new sheer drapes were over the floor length window plus my green material hung to look like a curtain.

Next up was some lightly styled boudoir type portraits, 3/4 length. We used a sheer black shirt I'd bought a while ago that I knew would look completely awesome against Shan's pale skin and red hair and I'd set up a small set using some beautiful green fabric I got from Spotlight. Gina added a stunning necklace of blue stones and black stay ups. I placed Shan in feathered light and shot using Portra + the Pentax 67 - how could you go wrong!

And then it was nude in the sheer curtains, semi backlit. This shot is one of my faves from the whole shoot. The light cast by the drapes across Shan's porcelain skin is just so beautiful and Portra has rendered it out of this world.

Part Two of this shoot/article contains three more sets:

  • Artistic and dynamic figure posing - Shan pulled some amazing poses that had to be captured quickly as she could only hold them for a split second
  • Portraits - classy - using subtractive lighting - my fave. These are awesome.
  • Some portrait nudes on the floor
  • The red couch set!