The times they are a changing / by Mike Stacey

I haven't posted here for a while. Things have been busy as usual but there have also been a lot of personal changes to deal with. This is my personal blog so I can mention that here right? My personal life, emotions, loves, passions etc. are what fuels my work; it is my artistic well and it's pretty full right now.

So this little post is just to say that artistically I've been busier than ever - burying myself in what I love, and what gives me energy, and what remains constant, through hard times. I have a couple of posts in draft form that will be finished off pretty soon:

Looks like I better get busy writing!

Here is a shot that I value highly, from a lovely afternoon exploring a small tributary creek in the tropics with @dullife_lingerie - it demonstrates the direction and passion of my current work. I'm looking forward to sharing more from that single roll of film - amazing how many good ones in the 10 shot roll.

There are many things that go into an image like this and I'll discuss some of these in the upcoming articles. My workshops are where you can learn all the gritty details though!