Presence is Everything

Presence is everything, without it there is no picture (IMO). That's a bit hardcore - of course there's still a picture, could even be a great picture - just saying that with presence, and all the other stuff that comes with that, you can have a picture that has some depth.

OK so here are some early edits from a very special shoot with Shasta Wonder - only for blog subscribers. So thanks for subscribing!

I have an article in in progress at the moment about presence in portraiture - why it means so much (to me) and more... In Australian photography to do with models and fashion, there is a big gap in 'aesthetic depth' to what happens in Europe - particularly Eastern Europe where a couple of my favourite photographers (and models) are from. More later... For the moment, the presence I'm talking about can be seen in these pictures of this wonderful woman.

All of the above shot with a Pentax 67, either on Tri-X or Portra 160. All processing and post production done at home.