Trials and Tribulations

Shooting with my dear friend Bianca is such a joy and I cherish those moments whenever they happen.

This time it was to meet up and just go for a walk to clear our heads. A walk in the bush, the Blue Mountains bush, with all its restorative qualities was needed. We decided on the mid-mountains - the waterfalls of the Lawson-Hazelbrook area; probably the most neglected gem of an area within the whole mountains. That's fine, the tourists flash past the mid-mountains on their way to the expensive hotels or cafes of Katoomba and grand vistas of the Blackheath lookouts. Having lived in the mid-mountains for around 12 years I know the area well, so at Bianca's command we met at Lawson pub at lunchtime.

Walking down the track from the car I realised how much I'd missed the local bush - it's too easy to get caught up in 'stuff'. Strolling down past Adele Falls and then on to Victoria Falls was just so relaxing. Victoria Falls had enough to keep us busy for quite a few shots so we started shooting here.

I shot straight into the light with Bianca positioned on the flat platform right where the water was coming down. It was pretty chilly in there but she was fine with getting drenched by the constant stream of droplets. The light streaming straight through all those water droplets was a no-brainer for a good image - it was just making sure that Bianca stayed exposed correctly.

These were shot really quite quickly, we were done within half an hour or so. Bianca got bitten pretty nastily by Mozzies too. She always has to undergo some kind of physical duress when we shoot - whether it's a mid winter's night in a concrete bomb shelter in Lithgow (her idea), navigating through glass and thorns in an abandoned building (my idea) or getting attacked by small insects... I'm waiting for some kind of revenge... although I think she takes that out on a mutual friend of ours (Eric), making him model nude for her in the snow this year at a local Katoomba park seemed appropriate.