Portrait and Fashion Nudes with Zoe / by Mike Stacey

Zoe and I had been planning to shoot for a while so it was great to finally meet her and shoot. She made the drive from her place, which I was really grateful for, and we shot here at home and also down at the local historic bridge (Lennox Bridge). Here is an early image from the shoot.

All up 3 rolls of Portra 400, 5 rolls of Tri-x and 84 digitals over 3 hours. More images to come with a longer article - including a couple we shot for my Adorned series which Gina from Gian Designs styled - they're pretty amazing!

The Portra was shot with my own exposure recipe followed by my film development recipe in Tetenal solution.

This shot had very little editing and no filter used in post. I spotted some dust and did my usual black point setting in levels until the tone and colour looked good to me - that's literally a one touch process. Lens was the one and only 105mm Pentax 67 - this thing is probably only equalled by the Zeiss Planar on the Contax 645 or a Kodak Aero Ektar (it actually has a similar swirling effect like the Aero Ektar but not quite as pronounced).