Treading lightly in this world

As promised from the last post here are some more images from this productive shoot with Zoe

I used the historic Lennox Bridge for the first time ever - we've lived here for about two years now and it's only half a kilometre down the road so it seemed like it was time to do it!

As usual, I shoot a mix of stuff in most shoots, especially with models I haven't worked with previously. I try and mix up what I do and these days there's usually a short set which is shot dynamically. So model is moving and I'm moving. She's not really posing, just moving, nicely. I usually provide just some subtle direction but let the model move naturally. I move around or walk beside, in front, behind, watching for angles, and shooting. This always results in some great natural images - there are lots of misses but the few hits are great. Here's  couple of those...

Zoe has amazing dreads, obviously. But Gina did wonderful things with it by tying it up into this random configuration which looked perfect.

Have always loved this short from Gina's collection but have never had the opportunity to use it. Today was the day!

These are on film and weren't part of the dynamic set. 

So then back home for some more intimate portraits on film. We shot on the Chaise Lounge and also sitting against the back of the couch over which I threw a big piece of hessian - thinking this would look great with Zoe and her earthy vibe.

Finally, we wrapped up with some artistic portraits - styled by Gina.

Zoe is fantastic to work with and I'd highly recommend her to other photographers. She brings much of her own sense of self to the shoot, which I love. Best thing is, she's an artist and understand art speak and ideas. Check out her website and wonderful work.