Going Bush with Eric / by Mike Stacey

Eric's a life model. He works at life drawing classes and art classes - gets his kit off and poses while people interpret his form through their own particular view and technique with a crayon or brush.

Over the past year Eric and I have been on numerous excursions to various locations from Botany Bay to the Blue Mountains - scoping and hunting out locations and compositions for my future reference. Eric has a wealth of knowledge of shoot locations for nude work which is second to none. Initially I tapped into his knowledge of a few places and even used him to pose for compositions that I had in mind for female models at those locations. The results, when I shot the female models in those tested locations and compositions, were spectacular. Prior knowledge of the light and exactly what time to shoot a location and particular spot, being able to test different expression and poses etc. is completely invaluable for a photographer and allows you to maximise your (expensive) time with the model who you have in mind for that location. I am very thankful to Eric for both his knowledge, expertise and the time he has given me.

"...We are stardust
 Billion year old carbon
 We are golden
 Caught in the devil's bargain..." - Joni Mitchell

Shot in Sydney, June 2015.

Lately, the photographs I've taken of Eric (and some of the earlier 'test' shots I discovered in the archives) have been exclusive and unique. I've tried to recreate the shot with a female model at a later date and it just hasn't worked, for whatever reason. Some of these art-nude images are amongst my personal favourites and it should be of no surprise to me. This guy is a great model and he is passionate about what he does. Thanks mate.

"Rebirth", December 2015. This pose of Eric's blows me away.