Forest Nudes / by Mike Stacey

Ivory Flame had contacted me a couple of months back letting me know she'd be back in town early December so we arranged to work together again. After the last shoot in June down on the sand dunes and around the coast of Sydney, I was keen to try and capture something special again. I decided to shoot around the local area of the Blue Mountains and after meeting Ivory at the station we headed off to a local waterfall.

It was one of those summer days, probably one of the hottest this summer, maybe 35 - 37 degrees or so. Luckily, the area around the waterfall was quite cool. The thick canopy of Sassafras and Coachwood provided enough goos shade to keep the temperature down. We worked a few spots around the waterfall that I'd scoped previously with Gina and came up with some cool shots, especially the ones around the waterfall itself, which are still on the editing table.

We spent a couple of hours at the waterfall then walked back to the car and headed over the an old abandoned building where I'd shot previously. Again, many of these images are still in edit stage and incomplete but I'm really happy with what we got.

Ivory is a wonderful model to work with, very professional and easy to work with plus she knows and understands photography - that's a huge plus as she understands light and her orientation to it. I look forward to working with her again, soon.

Of another age.

Pentax 67, Kodak TRI-X