Winter in Sydney?

Kelly and I had made contact via Facebook some time ago and I finally had the time to get a shoot happening during a three week mid winter break. I decided on some natural, open air beach shots so we met down at Mona Vale beach mid week at around lunchtime. Unfortunately, the light was extremely harsh at that time of day, making it hard to achieve some mood, and some 'feel'. So I did what I often do which is use the sun as a strong backlight. This always creates mood but also introduces a whole other level of difficulty and 'randomness' to the exposures - and to focusing - contrast is low on the eyes with this kind of light so digital cameras have a bit of trouble locking on. I used the film camera in the latter part of the shoot and it handled the backlight with no difficulty at all.

We started in the small sand dune at the back of the beach which had some nice grasses and an open airy feel to it then went down to the waterline where I shot Kelly simply walking along and revelling in the winter sun and fresh air. We ended up at the sea pool where there's some structures - steel railings, poles etc, to use as compositional aids. The last set were shot near the car park, where I finally dragged the Pentax 67, FP4 and Tri-x out and shot some portraits.

Kelly was a joy to work with, very professional and experienced with around 12 years of modelling behind her. 

For best results, hit Play then set the resolution to 1080p HD using the little gear icon in lower right corner.