Fake light

Having recently purchased some fake light (studio lights), I was keen to try them out with a model so we contacted Tia, who I've shot with a few times before and has always been an absolute joy to work with. Tia has a maturity beyond her young years, and most of all, her eyes tell a story. This is something I always look for as I shoot a lot of portraits.

We shot for around three and a half hours and went through four different sets of wardrobe, all kindly supplied by GIAN styling. It actually snowed further up the hill during the day so it seemed OK to be stuck indoors!

Nearly all the shots were three quarter body length and I used a very simple light set up of either a key light plus rim light, or just the one light. The last set were head shot portraits shot with the large format camera. I used a fair amount of front tilt to achieve selected focus on Tia's eyes, leaving everything below and above, out of focus. Using Tri-x film stock and my usual ID-11 powder developer recipe, the results are great meaning the LF camera is finally going to get some more use :)