A winter's evening on the coast

Luckily Sydney turned on some mild-ish winter weather a few weeks ago when Ivory Flame was about. She had contacted me a few months before arriving here so I took the opportunity to meet up and shoot around the southern shores of Sydney's beautiful coastline. I'd scoped this spot a week or so earlier with old mate Eric. Eric's had his nude arse on nearly every location known to man, so he'd been gracious enough to allow me to shoot him and get an idea of possible compositions, light, timing etc. - prior to working with Ivory

Ivory was an absolute delight to work with. A classic figure model with a haunting expression and timeless, painterly beauty. After picking Ivory up in Sydney, we arrived at the spot at about 3:15 - sunset was at 4:48pm, so we set off along the shoreline to the spot I'd scoped with Eric. A very quick hour of shooting, in around three different 'sets' pretty much exhausted that spot. I'd mentioned, if Ivory was OK with it, I'd like to try some shots around the waterline, using techniques I'd used for ages in my landscape work. It wasn't exactly balmy temperature wise but Ivory was completely fine with working through to about 6:10pm, into the winter twilight - and it was pretty chilly at 6:10, just ask Gina! The shots we got during this hour or so are something else - I'm still editing them as they warrant some time and effort. 

Stay tuned for the images from this shoot...