Tales from the Crypt

Bianca's always great value for artistic collaboration. She has a mind that travels and expands and isn't confined. So in the true spirit of current Mountain's festivities like Winter Magic and the Winter Solstice, here we had a homegrown Blue Mountains opportunity at creating something great.

Where to do it? Lithgow of course, it's colder there and there's some weird army-style structures there - perfect, let's do it.

Every time I've worked with Bianca, there's been something quite unpleasant for her to deal with. Things like being surrounded by blackberry vines, crawling through broken glass and dealing with freezing temperatures in spooked abandoned asylums - see here. So this would be easy, it was just an old concrete bomb shelter without a roof (complete with broken glass), and some nearby fields of grasses (complete with blackberries and hibernating snakes). Oh, nearly forgot, we were shooting from about 3:15pm through to about 6pm, it was mid-winter and Bianca was nude.

It took poor Bianca the whole hour's trip in the car back home to get some feeling back into her fingers and toes. You're probably thinking, "what a bastard, making the model go through that!". I always check, and continually check and monitor the situation by asking the model if she's OK with what's happening and I hope I show my great appreciation and respect enough because that's what I have for models (and anyone) that will commit to such collaborations in the name of art. I still have plenty of editing to do from this shoot, stay tuned...

Thank you Bianca!