'Nudes on Tap' framed works for sale

These three framed prints were recently shown at 'Nudes on Tap' Portraiture Prize at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney. 'Concrete Jungle' featuring model Flora Fauna received second prize and is for sale. $650 gets you this prize winning print, framed in black timber with white archival matt ready to hang. Please contact me using the Contact page and it's yours.

This image was shot in March this year in Sydney. I had scoped the exact location the week before we shot it. On the day, we (Flora, Gina and I) arrived at sunrise and shot for about an hour and a half before Mr Fun Spoiling Security guard arrived and yelled out for us to move. Between some of these huge concrete blocks is a 4 - 5 metre gap - apparently folks have fallen down in there and got wedged requiring a crane to lift them out. No such luck for us and we got a heap of great images, this one being the best. Flora's rock hopping skills are top notch too.

"Concrete Jungle" - 23 x 28" C-print, white archival matt, black timber frame. $650.

"Live Art at the Art Gallery" - 24 x 2" C-print, white archival matt, black timber frame. SOLD.

My personal favourite of the three prints featuring model Anne Duffy doing what she loves and doing it so well. We arrived at the NSW Art Gallery at about 7am in October last year. Not many peeps around except for some runners and cyclists. I had scoped the shot as usual and knew exactly where to set up. We got into position, Anne dropped her coat and we shot two rolls of Portra 400. This shot was a combination of luck and skill. f8 @ 1/30 second and Anne didn't hold that position for very long! 






"Iconic Rites" - 23 x 28" C-print, white archival matt, black timber frame. $650.

Again, this shot was scoped out well before hand. I knew Keira Grant would be able to produce something wonderful in this amazing structure and look at her work - the pose is absolutely eloquent. Not too many passers-by while shooting this one but one guy did comment, "Now that, is art!". At the end of the shoot, which was last November, it started pouring rain and Keira used the rain as a convenient shower to wash off some flower seeds that had become stuck to her flesh while posing in a nearby garden.