High Jinks: "Playful or rowdy activity, often involving mischievous pranks" / by Mike Stacey

After last week's shoot with Lana she'd asked if I could shoot her with her friend Jourdan. This sounded like a great opportunity for something different and could also produce some images that I'd wanted for a while, which fitted one of a number of aesthetics I'm currently shooting toward. Hopefully the images would be good enough for publication to a magazine I'd been following. 

The shoot was at Lana's boyfriend's place on Sydney's coast. Initially when Gina and I turned up I was worried about the lack of light. Inside it was very dark. If I was using film exclusively, I wouldn't have been able to shoot without strobe or speed speed light assistance. Even for a couple of shots I did ask Gina to bounce the speed light off the ceiling. Not being used to the 'advantages'  of digital, I hadn't realised that cranking the ISO up to 5000 is OK, there's some noise but that just looks like grain to me and fitted the aesthetic anyway. 

I chose the bathroom as the first place to shoot as the light seemed to be more along the lines of what I'm used to (just love bathrooms). Seeing the girls through the lens everything looked great, both girls have the most AMAZING eyes. They pretty much had their own ideas about the stuff they wanted to do and how they wanted to be shot so I just let them run with it, aiming to try and keep things flowing and dynamic. This is hard for a photographer; normally some direction is provided as the photographer knows how the camera sees, and in the end the final image is the only important thing, but I tried to just let the girls be themselves and it worked in the end, the shots are great and do reflect Lana and Jourdan themselves, and most of all their amazing friendship. It was a ton of fun, sexy and quite challenging!

Lana is currently in LA shooting with a team of creatives and heading towards bigger things!