Messing up someone else's bed / by Mike Stacey

Lana was looking for some grainy raw style images. What! Bells started ringing in my head; most people want glossy, glam, high-end retouched plastic stuff. This was refreshing; a girl who just wanted some down to earth photographs, without the flashing lights. And of course, I feel right at home with this kind of image.

Gina and I met Lana at one of her friend's apartments. Her friend wasn't there, only her friend's Dad, which was kind of weird but he seemed cool enough. We shot in the bedroom, out on the porch outside the bedroom and in the bathroom. Bathrooms are one of my favourite places to shoot, the light is often exquisite and just doesn't exist ion other parts of a house. Most of the shoot was pretty down to earth and natural with some dynamic moving stuff as well.

After about two and a half hours we'd pretty much done the three small rooms and had a great bunch of pictures. Lana hadn't done much in front of a camera before but something tells me this girl has a future.

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