The Carillon

A weekend in Canberra learning about mixing natural light and strobes and also learning the theory of studio lighting was just the ticket and no one better to teach this than Robert Coppa. I'd mucked around in studios a number of times and achieved results I was happy with by trial and error, but it was all flying blind. Robert gave me the fundamentals, the first principles, and in everything I've learnt in past careers in electronics and computer engineering, for me, I like to be able to fall back to first principles - which are really just the core principles that underpin how something works. If you get lost in the detail, in the technobabble, then you can always fall back on them.

So, a day learning, chatting and shooting in the studio followed by a day on location did the trick. The models we used were great too, Ariel Ayers on the first day and Simone Luker on the second. The location for the second day was right up my alley: no colour, harsh shadows, strong contrasts. This combined with Simone's edgey look worked perfectly so the bonus from the weekend was coming away with some strong portfolio shots.

More shots to come which were taken in a nearby park with lovely autumn foliage - also a short video clip coming...