Fashion Wildside

Flora had made contact quite a while before landing in Sydney and we had the date and time all planned - we just needed a location. A week before the shoot, G and I had scoped an amazing spot in Sydney for an art nude shoot, courtesy of old mate Eric's local knowledge. Only trouble was, the day we went there it was freezing and blowing a gale. I thought nothing of hopping from one huge concrete block to the next but G wasn't so sure and decided to watch from a distance. Afterwards, Eric had mentioned he thought the place was dangerous which got me thinking, and worrying. What if the model slipped and fell down between the blocks? There was a 5m or more drop between them - I started worrying about it but had confidence Flora would be fine - a judgement I made from looking at her athletic physique. I mentioned my trepidation to her prior to the shoot and said that we'd be guided by how she felt about it and I'd happily shoot somewhere else if it freaked her.

We arrived before sunrise, hopped the fence and Flora was off, totally confident at hopping from one block to the next. G wasn't so sure and managed to do it 'her way'. The shots we got in the next hour were great and required good balance from both model and photographer. We'd gotten most of the good shots when we heard someone yelling out to us and signalling for us to come back to where the car was. It was the local security guard and his mate. He had stories of people falling down between the blocks and having to be winched out by crane and so it was illegal to go down there. I've always had an intense dislike for this level of control over what we are 'allowed' to do, or what authorities think we are 'able' to do, or not. In fact, I've always had a healthy disrespect for authority in general. Didn't matter, we had our shots.

Off to another spot for some more art nude in a forest then some portraits and fashion. We went to the same area where we'd shot Anne Duffy a couple of weeks prior, but found some slightly different aspects. I shot some of my usual portraits of Flora inside one of the buildings at Henry Head using the Pentax 67 and the usual film stock - Tri-X. Then the final fashion shots, which were beautifully styled by Gian. 

Concrete Jungle #2

Concrete Jungle #1

The final set of the day are being submitted for publication so can't post too many here but I'm real happy with these - they're a bit of a turning point for me in terms of the use of some different camera technique and also just some different 'vision'. Flora was fantastic to work with and we can't wait to work with her next time she's about.