Making it Happen

Lovely impromptu work from Sylph.

I had planned and arranged to shoot with Sylph Sia a few months back after she came out of the break she was taking from modelling. I had an exciting new place that I'd recently found and of course old mate Eric had helped out with some first hand experience of the place; Eric is a figure model who has worked literally everywhere around Sydney. But, for the first time in over a year, the rain stopped play. This called for some last minute, night before planning - first ring Christine and see if her studio is available then brainstorm with G - getting ideas together, wardrobe and shots planned etc. Luckily and thankfully, Vanity Fair Studio was available so we set about thinking up some studio-based work.

Night-before planning isn't the best idea and in that case, the shoot itself is always going to be impromptu and rely on the skill of the model and photographer to capture something meaningful on the day, on the minute. Sylph's skill was so much appreciated in this regard and her experience was what made the shoot. G and I had some very loose ideas but it all came together when I started pressing the shutter and Sylph started doing her thing. Some ideas were purely experimental and have provided me with some great inspiration and ideas for follow-up shoots.

With half an hour left in the 2.5 hour booking, I grabbed the Pentax 67 and two rolls of Tri-X and we headed upstairs to where there's a heap of empty rooms. Being overcast outside, the south facing windows had the sweetest softest light coming through them. This is where I feel most at home, no plans, free to explore, some old trashed rooms, window light, and a film camera (the Pentax 67) loaded with Tri-X.  Looking forward to working with Sylph again, maybe even at the spot I'd originally planned to use.