Boudoir Novotel / by Mike Stacey

Even though boudoir/glamour isn't really my thing, it's commercially viable and my portfolio needed boosting in this area, and still does. So I placed a casting call on Model Mayhem and Tia Wright became the model. Gian would do the styling and Tia did a great job on her own makeup.

I tried to shoot the boudoir theme in my own way, but in the end, I'm not so sure about it. Commercial viability and my particular style often don't go well together. I can actually shoot the glam, slick, polished images that others can, it's actually too easy to shoot like that - and that is what is usually the acceptable style for boudoir. To shoot the way I like however, the model needs a bit of an attitude, and Tia portrayed attitude really well for a young model - well enough for me to key into some those expressions and produce some more insightful, deeper images.

My old recipe of Tri-X and ID-11 powder developer shot with the Pentax 67 always works a treat with portraits.

Using my usual recipe of Kodak Tri-X and ID-11 powder developer I came up with two good rolls (20 shots) of medium format film, all shot on the Pentax 67. I also shot a couple of rolls of Pro400H colour neg film, which also turned out alright. On top of that, around 150 digital images using the D800 and edited using my own presets - which tend to produce a filmic look anyway.

The lighting was all window light, supplemented with some desk lamps and bedside lights courtesy of the hotel - and the occasional use of the reflector. Gian's styling was amazing and a lot of effort went into this side of the shoot, the selection of wardrobe we had was overwhelming to me but Gian and Tia worked well together and the changes were quick meaning the two hour shoot was flat out.

In the end, we're very happy with the images. Tia is an incredibly beautiful girl, falls into poses very easily and is a joy to work with. The images we got are a mix of classic boudoir/glamour (with a hint of my own touch) and my own style of image - which is generally a bit grungier and raw.