The sun did shine / by Mike Stacey

I've always believed in networking. Connecting with as many like-minded people as possible to share, collaborate and explore. Hunter Creative is a group designed with these exact interests in mind; that is to bring creatives together to create something!

 Reference image for 'Fields of Beauty' project

Reference image for 'Fields of Beauty' project

So our group had been formed which consisted of model Pam Schau, stylist Holly Thomson, makeup artist Crystal Moeva and myself on camera duties. Gina came along also to help out with gear and managing the reflector. The brief we had been given was titled "Fields of Beauty" and there was one reference image of a backlit model in a grass field. The light looks like sunset to me in the reference shot and we had picked sunrise, but the effect would be essentially the same.

I decided on the location of La Perouse as it has the elements we needed, which were plenty of grass and other interesting elements like sandstone rocks, a neat bridge and a large enough field. I arranged with the team to meet at 6am, sunrise was 6:35 so this was an early start and I wondered if anyone would turn up! 

So G and I turn up at 5:45am in the dark, misty, cool and showery conditions. Things weren't looking great, but soon enough Pam and Holly turned up followed by Crystal. The hourly forecast showed it to be clearing and sure enough right on sunrise, the mist cleared and blue breaks appeared above. 

Pam doing her thing with some amazing back lighting. Obviously I had to get down low in Pam's shadow, in fact right on the edge of the shadow, just enough to create the right amount of lens flare. That grass was very wet!

With the wet grass and rising sun, the stage was set for some great backlit images (like the reference image). I picked  spot out in the field and directed Pan into the right location. Holly had her dressed in a nice sheer sheer white top, shorts and booties. Pam moved and I took the photos. The results were fantastic and right inline with the brief.

After the first sequence we moved up to the old sandstone structure on top of the hill and got a couple more shots. I always like having some architecture to use in the composition - again using the strong and low backlight to max advantage.

Old buildings never fail as props.

The second last spot I chose was the old bridge that leads over to Bare Island Fort. Some shots on the rails of the bridge worked a treat.

Pam on the rails of the old bridge.

Then it was down to the sandstone shoreline underneath the bridge for the final sequence of images. 

Under the bridge.

Pentax 67, Pro 400H.

The final spot picked out by Pam - perfect when viewed against the reference image.

There is always some film. Shot with the Pentax 67 onto Fuji Pro400H.