Sunday Spooked

Last year, one cold winter's day, I photographed Bianca at a local abandoned place. Some excellent art-nude images came out of that shoot and Bianca did an amazing job at braving those temperatures. It isn't evident at all from the images just how cold it was that day.

From the first shoot in the winter of 2014.

Over the years I've photographed this place extensively. Going there with large format 4x5" and 8x10" cameras to capture the feeling of a 'discontinued' space. In fact I completed a whole series of work titled 'Discontinued' and there were a couple of images from this particular location in that set. Each abandoned place has its own vibe but the mood and atmosphere this particular space has is quite unique. 

One of the rooms. Shot on 8x10" film from the Discontinued series.

So times change, as do places like this believe it or not. I went back with Gina to re-scope the old building with a new frame of mind. We found a very interesting orange room that stood out from the scores of other empty rooms. There was a chair in the middle of the room and the walls were clad in 1970s timber veneer which, when illuminated by light coming through the smashed frosted glass windows, created a very strange orange vibe. To top it off there was an amazing vine growing through two of the windows.

Gina and I went home to develop the concept further, which required a model to be wrapped in the vine in various poses and positions in the room. Bianca was the obvious choice - she is a photographer and artist herself and connects well with creative ideas that go beyond the art-nude genre.

I met Bianca at the location at just before 10, as I'd scoped the best time to shoot would be 10am when the 'orange' effect would be optimal. Unfortunately I hadn't done my homework properly - the vine was in fact a very thorny Blackberry vine and to top it off the floor was littered with broken shards of glass. Sorry Bianca :(

Anyway, we worked out a few shots and got the scene looking fit for the images. We shot for about an hour and a half in this rather small space, many different angles, ideas, poses and themes. Bianca's poses were ideal for this and extended beyond the usual repertoire into many expressions that were a custom fit for the spooked and crazed theme I wanted. 

I have absolutely no idea how Bianca didn't get spiked by a thorn or end up with a tiny fragment of glass embedded somewhere as I got spiked numerous times throughout the shoot and wasn't even 'interacting' with the vines or lying nude on the floor.

There are many fine images from this shoot, a mixture of film and digital, and I'm still in the process of editing them into some kind of story.