Exile on King Street

Attitude's a wonderful thing and it's probably the main thing that's always present in my work. There's something about a "fuck it all" attitude that's very alluring. This shoot was all about that.

GIAN styling doing her thing

Shay Jellick has plenty of the kind of attitude needed to pull off a shoot like this, plus she has the confidence that comes with experience. The rest of the team was made up of makeup artist Burton Yuen, GIAN styling and Jason Lindsay (Assist). Always nice having a pro photographer as an assistant :) The night of the shoot was showery and cool but it only stopped play a couple of times and Shay was great - I kept checking she was OK and the showers didn't bother her at all. Considering she was wearing next to nothing and we had jumpers on, that's professionalism and commitment. 

Many shots were on the traffic island in the centre of King Street Newtown.

Burton's makeup combined with GIAN's styling and hair work, and of course Shay's posing, expression and attitude went together to create something amazing. We shot this in Newtown on a Saturday night at about 7pm. Many shots were taken on the traffic island right in the middle of the big intersection on King Street. The Newtown crowd were great, not too much excitement or shock, just a few iPhone snappers cutting in on the action.

The shoot has been accepted for publication by ELEGANT magazine so you'll have to grab a copy for all the best images. Meanwhile here's some BTS shots taken by Jason. 

Thanks to a great team for making this happen.

And here's the video. For a better rendition of it, go check the videos page.