Vanity Fair

The large format portrait work continues a week after the first effort with Bianca but this time with Meluxine. I had seen a few shots Meluxine had done with a tin plate enthusiast and given her long modelling career and vast experience I knew she'd be familiar with the large format workflow. I was also confident she could hold a pose for the required length of time. So we hooked up! 

During the week GIAN Styling and I got hold of some jewellery which would fit the film portrait theme and it looked fantastic hanging off Meluxine's neck. She also had her own things from Mexico that she brought along and added to the mix. True to form Meluxine's look and gaze, not to mention hair, were perfect for these shots and I loved shooting with her again. 

We shot in Vanity Fair Studios in Sydney, run by Christine Dengate, and with Christine and Gina's help, managed to arrange the lighting to be something similar to what I had worked out with Bianca last week. 

After spending only an hour snapping off about 15 sheets of 4x5, we headed out into the courtyard outside the studio to shoot some street/grunge/nude stuff. Those shots are awesome too and I'll post them soon!

And here's a short video of the shots we did out in the courtyard... See a better rendition over on the videos page.