Body Confident

Tia had asked if we'd like to collaborate with her on a concept she had in mind. Her concept was all about being body confident and happy in your own skin. Some key words were confident, sexy, fun, beauty on the inside... Tia put together a mood board for the shoot which was great - I nearly always do this so it was great to have the subject of the shoot doing it :) So our job was to style, light, shoot and edit to achieve a set of images she could use to go with her words and statement. 

We had to start earliest for a Saturday - at 8am and had to finish so that Tia could leave by 10. It was a fairly intense two hours consisting of a number of subtle wardrobe changes and shots done in studio light as well as natural light. All, up Tia's happy and so are we!

Styling by GIAN.
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