Fetish Meets Fashion in an Abandoned Warehouse / by Mike Stacey

Smashed toilets and leather

J E M and B R E N N A N are in Australia for a while and this shoot took great advantage of their ability to do the edgey look to perfection. Capturing their interactions together was something slightly different and also quite challenging, but these girls have been modelling like this together for ages and so have a very refined 'act'.

I shot plenty on digital and 2 rolls each of TRI-X and PRO400H on the Pentax 67. Still getting around to the scanning business but the TRI-X shots look real fine - very smooth tones in the subdued light. Ended up pushing the film about a stop - and just left the shutter at 1/125th. That's the beauty of film, it just works, all the time - well nearly anyway. Processed this stuff at home in the sink in my usual concoction of ID-11. 

I'll be shooting J E M again in March and looking forward to capturing her amazing eyes better next time.

Anyway, not sure what Helmut Newton would think but I'm pretty happy with the results :)

TRi-X in ID-11 tones!