Herb Ritts revisited with Ivy-Rose / by Mike Stacey

Ivy's classy beauty reflects the reference image of Christy Turlington. I didn't direct this shot BTW. Note: this wardrobe was not that which was used in the shots to be submitted.


 Christy Turlington in Valentino 1995 - by Herb Ritts. The original inspiration image for this shoot.

Christy Turlington in Valentino 1995 - by Herb Ritts. The original inspiration image for this shoot.

I had a plan for yet another Herb Ritts inspired shoot. This one centred on an image by Ritts of Christy Turlington shot in 1995 at Valentino Italy. The class, poise, elegance and photographic style impressed me no end. So I got in touch with Hair Stylist - Kerri Jane Bailey and Make Up Artist Kye Burn to create the look. Ivy-Rose Raven was an obvious model choice for me as after having worked with Ivy twice before, I had noticed in some images, a real distinguished elegant and confident look in her face and pose. Ivy also has a classic Katharine Hepburn-esk look to her at times. Both Kerrie and Kye did an absolutely wonderful job of creating the look, and were a total joy to work with. The images from this shoot are to be submitted to a contemporary fashion magazine and so I have only included here a few shots we made for the benefit of showcasing Kerrie and Kye's wonderful work plus some another hot one of Ivy doing her thing as only Ivy can.

Gina and I had scoped the shoot locations - all up around 7 of them, the week before. The locations were selected by me to be photographically compelling with a mixture of both contemporary and older architecture. I also took into account where the sun would be at the particular time of day we would shoot - 2pm.

In the end we only shot in 2 of the chosen locations, things always take longer than expected and we also found some interesting diversions. It also started raining heavily after an hour and a half so the last set were shot in an impromptu location under cover.

This is the first of two shoot to complete the set, with the second look being complimentary yet sufficiently different to provide variety an interest to the submission. The second shoot is in January 2015, can't wait!

Ivy doing her thing at the impromptu final location due to rain.