A Texan in Town / by Mike Stacey

I had booked Keira Grant when she first advertised her visit to Australia on a FaceBook group page. Gina and I scoped a Sydney cemetery the weekend before the shoot and were real excited about some of the shots we had planned. 

Keira's a fun girl, a real sport and so good to work with. After picking her up at 5am, we got all our shots in a 2 hour slot before it started pouring down. Keira had been lying in some flower beds for a couple of shots and was worried about a rash coming up - not good for an art nude model. She simply stood out in the pouring rain to wash off all the flower seeds. I shot some photos of her in the rain - no problems.

Keira's poses are refined and very beautiful and she is athletic to the point of being able to climb confidently up various structures in order to create the best images. Looking forward to working with her again, next year I hope.