Who Said Film's Dead

The 2014 film folder - around 2000 frames or so.

Based on my own workflow, film ain't ready to lie down yet. Having shot nearly 2000 frames (around 180 rolls of 120 film)  in 2014, including 6x7, 35mm and 4x5, film is very much alive and a big part of my workflow. 

I started using a digital camera in August last year and since then have enjoyed all the usual benefits of digital, especially when shooting models - but I still shoot at least a few rolls of 6x7 and sometimes 35mm - black and white and also colour. The big things that's changed since I first shot digital back in 2006 is dynamic range. The new Nikon D800 fairs reasonable well in terms of the range of brightness it can resolve, but really, there is still no comparison with film in this regard and I can safely say digital SLR sensors have a LONG way to go. Dynamic range is something I rely on heavily, it's part of the way I shoot and visualise images and without it, I am very limited. 


Looking forward to another year of keeping film alive.