A busy and ever changing life

Elena Filippi

The last month has been intense in many ways. My personal life has changed drastically and new directions beckon. Photographically, I couldn't be happier; the work I've been doing is very satisfying and I can see so many possibilities that my mind is literally flooded with ideas. This level of creative inspiration doesn't come around too often and that's why I've fully embraced it and am pushing on with it with all my energy.

Shoot-wise, there have been three wonderful sessions since the Rainy Town shoot. One was with the amazingly charismatic Italian model Elena Filippi at Henry Head - near La Perouse. I'd scoped this location a couple of weeks prior and had two or three compositions in mind - just needed to find the right model for the job and Elena was it. She embraced the idea completely and did a wonderful job, thanks Elena. There are two or three shots that stand out for me, one is a portrait of Elena and the other two are of her in amazingly elegant and beautiful poses on the roof of a concrete military bunker. Still a lot of scanning and editing to do so I'm sure there will be more great images from this shoot.

Last week I shot in Studio 1A in Marrickville with a two models and some other photographers. Great fun, but not my scene, at the moment at least. It's too hard to establish a working connection with the model when there are numerous photographers each taking their 10 minutes. The model gets tired, and I can imagine also feels like an 'object'. And it shows in the images.

The third shoot, which was yesterday, was with beautiful local model Maddie Arnold. It was SO nice to shoot at a location, and a great one at that, 10 minutes from home! Maddie did an amazing job and we shot a good variety of images for the first shoot, which went for 3 hours. We also discovered a fantastic new location which was a bonus, and will shoot there next time maybe. 7 rolls of 120 B&W, 8 rolls of 120 colour C41, 1 roll 35mm colour and 1 of 35mm B&W. Have nearly finished processing all the B&W and the colour will be back from the lab on Thursday. Thanks Maddie, I'm looking forward to what comes out of the scanner today...

Maddie Arnold