10th Floor? / by Mike Stacey

A great shoot with Ivy-Rose Raven. This shot was one that escaped the edits but I like it, a lot.

Shot 6 rolls of 120 TRI-X, 3 rolls of 35mm TRI-X and 3 of colour 120 (Pro 400H) - what's that, 198 photos, that is a lot for me in two and a half hours. Heaps actually. Thing is, Ivy had a different pose for every shot, that's very impressive.

More shots to come, I get the feeling many will rise out of the archive like this one, subtle images that need a longer view to really see what's there...

Ivy did an incredible job and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, think she had a different pose for each of the 180 or so shots - that is talent, creative, professional talent. Thanks Ivy-Rose.