By the river / by Mike Stacey

105mm, @f2.4

Another scouting trip, this time outdoors. Shot the Pentax 67 for the first time, bit of a beast but the 105mm f2.4 lens is sweet. Only disadvantage is it's very hard to handhold below about 1/60th of a second due to the massive mirror, which slaps up, then slaps down again. The lens bokeh is really nice though and I'm looking forward to trying this thing out with a model, which is really what the camera was designed for. 

Only had a few rolls of Delta 100 to play around with, but that was good as now I know I need 100 ISO film when shooting outside with the lens opened up to 2.4 all the time.

Not happy with the Delta results though, highlights are more blown that Tri-X would be and I don't like having to be too accurate with my exposures these days :-)