Latex Bath Wear

Had spied Ivy-Rose's wonderful latex leggings and gloves and was keen to shoot some more fetish after the Meluxine-Kedori shoot and another previous kink shoot at the Graffiti building. I brought along a bondage bra to compliment the latex gear - Gina had purchased this at Sax Fetish for the Meluxine-Kedori shoot.

Ivy always likes getting into some lingerie and there was a shot I wanted to get from our first shoot which we never got - a smoking leather jacket shot. Ivy borrowed a jacket and we shot these first followed by some lingerie-boudoir shots and finally the latex. I had thought the black latex would look stunning in the bathtub so after Ivy had squeezed herself into the leggings and gloves we shot the final set in the bathroom. Probably should have filled the bath with water for an alternative look...

The downer was Ivy tearing a hole in one of the latex leggings, sheeeeyat!

Boss in the hallway