Graffiti Nudes / by Mike Stacey

The Graffiti building in Sydney is one of those vary rare, very precious places. It remains as it is due to the owner, who could easily make millions of dollars by selling it to developers but he prefers to keep it as a place for artists and alternatives to live on the cheap. I has around 3 or 4 levels I think, and is a wonderful place to shoot.

The model for today's Art Nude shoot was Lilly Rae, former gymnast and very experienced model. We shot out on the roof of the building with amazing views of Sydney's CBD but the best shots were inside one of the apartment spaces on a window sill, which we diligently cleared of pot plants and other bits and pieces. It was quite late, near dark actually so the digital camera was great - crank the ISO and hold steady. Lilly created some absolutely amazing poses, especially the one where she held a low hunched crouch position which looked real trick as far as balance goes.